Hello big world. Today my baby turns 35 years old. We live far apart and I won’t see her today. Funny how miserable that makes me. I want to hold her and kiss her and spank her 35 times. I want to look at her and thank her for giving my life meaning. I want to bake her a cake or two or three. I want to set something on her bed that she has dreamed of. I want to glow with pride when I see all her friends tell her Happy Birthday. I want to wrap gifts from her children to give to her like I did when they were little. I want to let her know how important she made my life and that she gave me meaning and purpose.
God knows my every thought and purpose. He looks after my family, young and old. I want my children to be good and kind, happy and successful. I don’t know what will be happening in 10 years, but I hope I can see my children on their birthdays.
Have a great day. Hug your children!