Weak Week

Hi folks. Walking out the door in the fog to another day. Wondering what swell and uplifting people I will meet along the way. Maybe it will be you. Will you smile? Will you speak? Will you put your head down and shuffle your feet? This week is not on my favorite list and I can’t wait to see it go. Smile at me when you pass my way and let God’s countenance flow! Everyone have a great day!


Rain Rain

So much to do today and it has rained all day long. Now in the old days, when I was young, there were many things to do on a rainy day. Not now. So, I have my crochet basket ready, and since the dish is down because of the weather, I will listen to Glenn Miller and Bennie Goodman while I make a cap for my greatgrandson. To be sure, thoughts of the old days will cross my mind and I will smile as I crochet. You know it! Bless you all and have a ball!