I Fear For Our Children

As I was shopping at my local store last weekend, I was horrified to see that parents have not given much thought to the missing children in today’s society. Everyday, Amber alerts are given and the news is full of crime scenes where children have been abducted and murdered and dismembered. Our youth of America. Our young boys and girls who want nothing but to play sports and eat ice cream and go to school and be with their friends and live a happy, healthy, long, normal life.
Children in the store were far away from their parents, running in the aisles, doing their own thing. I watched as the shopper would stop and talk to someone or stop to read a label, and the child would disappear. Please do not tell me that these people do not have newspapers and televisions. I do not believe that. Why, when we get so much information about crime than ever, are parents not being more careful with their children? I looked at these young boys and girls. They are so innocent, so sweet, so in danger.
I myself have grandchildren and now a great-grandson. When in my care, I guarantee you that they will be safe. Yes, you are going to have occasional accidents, but a pervert will not have the opportunity to take one of my children away and harm or kill them.
What are parents thinking? Why are they not thinking of this crime? I am seriously worried that so many parents are letting their children stray from them and walk around like they were grown.
It is not my intent to scare the children, it is my intent to wake up parents. Too many crimes against our young people are happening. It is sad and ugly and unthinkable. I also think about the children that are left alone to get to school. Whether it be standing alone at 6 am to catch a bus, or walking to school by themselves. When the time changes in November, it will be dark when that bus rolls by. We need to be sure that our children are safe.
Please parents. Take the stories that are shown to us daily about the abduction and killing of our precious children to heart. Do not let one of these stories become yours. Do not hasten the death or disappearance of one of your children. Be more careful. Your children will be grown and out the door too soon, but until that time, be cautious of where your children are and what they are doing. It is your responsibility as a parent.