Presidential Problem

I have lived through many presidents. I have witnessed many elections. This upcoming election has me nervous. I will not say who I am voting for, nor will I jump on the bandwagon for either. What I would like to mention is the fact that EVERYONE needs to take care when voting to ascertain the person you are voting for ends up the one that will be counted. I have feared this would happen and now it has.
When you vote, please check to see that the candidates you voted for is correct. Trust me, I do not know how voting is tampered with, but I do know that it is, and it is happening as we speak.
I hate to say it, but, trust noone. There will be good cops, bad cops at the polls. There will be teamsters, bullies, fanatics, etc. when you vote.
Do the right thing. Vote. If you want to make a difference in our country today, vote. But, double check to see that your vote is correct before you pull that lever.
Do it for you, do it for America.
God help us.