The Weekend

Well, it’s Friday again. I hear people saying all the time, “have a good weekend”. Now, I was in this world when there was such a thing as a weekend. Trust me, that does not exist any more. Businesses and shops and markets were closed on Sundays. Not open. Couldn’t shop, nor could you work, because where you worked, was CLOSED. Yeh. You rested on the weekend. That’s where the term ‘window shop’ came from, because your butt could not get in. This was the weekend. The time you spent time with your family, The time you went to Church. The time you worked in your yard and on your house. Everybody. Now? People work everyday and businesses are criticized if they close on Sundays. Have you noticed that businesses are open on the holidays now? Yep. Christmas will be next. How unholy is that! Give me the good old days when I knew I could see my parents for 2 whole days and I could be loved and taught in the home, the right way. The way God intended. Oh, by the way, have a great weekend!


Rain Rain

So much to do today and it has rained all day long. Now in the old days, when I was young, there were many things to do on a rainy day. Not now. So, I have my crochet basket ready, and since the dish is down because of the weather, I will listen to Glenn Miller and Bennie Goodman while I make a cap for my greatgrandson. To be sure, thoughts of the old days will cross my mind and I will smile as I crochet. You know it! Bless you all and have a ball!

Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday fellow bloggers. I find I am a writer of sorts and am always seeking new things to write about. Really, not a hard thing to do at all. This morning I find myself with a new subject and title. I am impressed with myself for a Sunday. I can be found on Yahoo Contributors if you might be interested in my writing. Today, I am piecing together an article about seniors who are reliant on medicines that damage them in other ways. I did say I was in the “piecing” stage. So, while at work, I will ponder the situation and write tomorrow. Have a wonderful, wonderful day! Tell the ones you love that you love them, while you still have the chance.


Today is Saturday. Moving day for the PGA. Working day for most Americans. Whether it be the usual job, or the yard, or the flea market, or the pet, or the kid’s sports team, or the car or the church. It’s a working day. So, how was your day at work? I survived mine. Hoping that the good Lord allows me to wake up on a bright, new Sunday morning with a grateful heart.