The Weekend

Well, it’s Friday again. I hear people saying all the time, “have a good weekend”. Now, I was in this world when there was such a thing as a weekend. Trust me, that does not exist any more. Businesses and shops and markets were closed on Sundays. Not open. Couldn’t shop, nor could you work, because where you worked, was CLOSED. Yeh. You rested on the weekend. That’s where the term ‘window shop’ came from, because your butt could not get in. This was the weekend. The time you spent time with your family, The time you went to Church. The time you worked in your yard and on your house. Everybody. Now? People work everyday and businesses are criticized if they close on Sundays. Have you noticed that businesses are open on the holidays now? Yep. Christmas will be next. How unholy is that! Give me the good old days when I knew I could see my parents for 2 whole days and I could be loved and taught in the home, the right way. The way God intended. Oh, by the way, have a great weekend!


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